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Pastillas Freno Sram Disco Metalicas Guide SRAM

por EZ
- Spares Category BRAKE PADS - Backer Material Steel - Pad Material (DB) Sintered - Type (DB Pads) MTB - Replacement Disc brake pads for Sram and Avid brakes - Pair/set (1 caliper): left and right pads with retraction spring and retention pin - Metallic - Metallic/Sintered (UPC) compound is harder for longer wear. Better in wet conditions and for heavier riders - Organic - Softer compound tends to modulate better and is quieter but will tend to wear quicker Detalles del Fábricante Marca: SRAM Web Fábricante: Ver Producto en Página de SRAM Código Material: 00.5318.003.005 Código de Familia: DB-PDS-GD-A1 Nombre Producto SRAM: AM DB BRAKE PAD SIN/STL TRL/GD/G2 PWR